Food Safety Tips To Avoid Getting Sick On A Tour

Food Safety Tips To Avoid Getting Sick On A Tour

When traveling to a foreign country, it is always important to prioritize your health. Avoid eating food that may cause food intolerances and allergies. Read this guide to stay safe and avoid getting sick on your tour.

You love to sample foods during your Arenal volcano national park tour but while you may love the game, your stomach may not be up to the challenge. You should avoid spending half of your trip running to the washrooms.

Enjoy Your Food While On A Tour Easily

It is, therefore, crucial to find a middle ground between treating your belly well and sampling the local cuisines. You need to understand that the food you eat at home is not necessarily safer than what you eat abroad. The fact is that your body may not be accustomed to foreign food. One crucial difference between home food and foreign food is the use of natural fertilizers in foreign countries which may carry bacteria that could cause stomach upset.

Enjoy Your Food While On A Tour Easily

Some of the most common foodborne diseases include E. coli infection, salmonellosis, and norovirus. Outbreaks of such diseases are monitored by the World Health Organization so it is worth checking out their website before you travel to see if the places you are traveling to are currently infected. The sites will tell you about any threats you are likely to face in your new destination. The best defense against such illnesses is to use common sense and to avoid panicking. With this in mind, we have a few tips for eating well and how to avoid getting sick while on a tour.

What To Eat And Drink

Drinking water is the most common source of dietary problems. This may include ice and even ice cream. During your Arenal volcano tour Costa Rica, you should avoid cheese, platters, buffet foods and unsealed mayonnaise from local vendors. Seafood dishes are also known for causing stomach problems because fish accumulate different types of contaminants from different sources. Small fish tend to be safe. You should try and avoid shellfish and fish organs. Avoid taking unpasteurized dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. Always check the labels of the products for evidence of pasteurization. You can take canned milk because it is generally safe. Shelled foods and nuts are typically a good choice.

Tea and coffee are generally harmless but it is good to take hot drinks that don’t have potentially contaminated milk. You can also take pasteurized cream from sealed containers because it is generally safe.

Choose The Right For Eat

You may find it convenient to eat out but it may be risky to buy food from street vendors. Ensure that the dishes you buy are served hot and look at the kiosk before making your orders. Does the kiosk look clean? Is the kiosk busy? These are some of the questions you should get answers before buying food from them.

In most cases, busy restaurants serve clean, fresh and safe food. You should ask for the attendants for your food to be cooked well and take precautions. If you don’t understand the local language, you need to have someone to translate for you to help you buy foods that you know. During your Arenal volcano national park tour, you may want to try out new food. Always ask for the opinion of your tour guide to avoid buying food that may cause issues.